Nature Neuroscience presents a forum on critical issues facing Alzheimer's Disease research today.

At the 2015 Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, IL, Nature Neuroscience hosted a panel discussion wherein experts in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) research considered the support for the pathogenic mechanisms that have been proposed to date, the pros and cons of the current preclinical animal model systems, and the obstacles that the field faces in translating basic discoveries to the clinic.

This forum has been created to share this panel discussion and continue the conversation with a wider audience.
Here, over the course of the next three months, the editors of Nature Neuroscience will highlight some of the most important issues from the panel discussion and post new content related to the topics raised.
We invite AD researchers to view, comment on and share those articles and videos, and to ask follow-up questions of Nature Neuroscience Editors and our Panelists.
We hope that this forum will spur conversation about these integral questions of AD pathogenesis, progression, preclinical models and therapeutic interventions.

The featured articles in this forum have been made freely available until April 30, 2016 thanks to generous support from Eli Lilly and Company and vTv Therapeutics. Nature Neuroscience is entirely responsible for the selection of the featured content.